Favourite Anime Scenery: Clannad

ushio-dango: ((Hello! I wanted to follow you, but I can't seem to find a follow button on your blog :/))

i can´t find a problem with it but i wanted to change the theme anyway, it should work now ^-^

fapje: Thanks a lot! ^^

you´re welcome ^-^

strwbrryneko: HI! I am in a very terrible situation! I can't finish Clannad. I want to watch the english dubbed version but I just can't find it. :c Can you help?

I´ve watched it all german you but can try this websites x and x

fapje: Do you happen to know a few more Clannad, Angel Beats!, Kanon or Chuunibyou demo Koi go Shitai! blogs?

I´m terribly sorry because I won´t be able to give you any Chuunibyou demo Koi go Shitai/Kanon/.. blogs but there are a few good blogs I know

~Kanon/Clannad but also a few other Animes: http://rudovikku.tumblr.com/

~a portugese hipster/Death Note/ Clannad mix

~pretty much just Clannad mixed up with some other animes;

~but honestly I´ve got no idea about just Kanon/Angel Beats/.. blogs.
What about that:

Could my you please like this if they´re blogging any of the things above? (that I´ve tagged)

Maybe you´ll find some good blogs this way ^-^