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Are you yourself still on your own blog (and if yes, what’s your URL)? I’d hate to see you leave permanently :/

yeah I still have my Black Butler blog but i´d like to delete this one and therefore i need a new “owner” for this blog because otherwise I´d delete both

plus I have a SuperWhoLock blog tied to an art side blog but I kind of lost interest in the Anime part of tumblr i mean no offense it´s awesome and i still watch animes and love them nontheless but i just don´t really want to blog about them

hey is there anyone out there who´d like to kinda have this blog?
it´s only a sideblog so i´d just invite you and tadaaa you could post all the clannad/canon stuff you want
because otherwise well i´m not really active as you´ve surely noticed and this blog is going to wither away so yeah gimme a call write me a message or hell idk just like this post or reply with a simple “me” and i´ll message you just somehow let me me know you´re interested kay?

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Favourite Anime Scenery: Clannad

ushio-dango: ((Hello! I wanted to follow you, but I can't seem to find a follow button on your blog :/))

i can´t find a problem with it but i wanted to change the theme anyway, it should work now ^-^

fapje: Thanks a lot! ^^

you´re welcome ^-^

sutoroberineko: HI! I am in a very terrible situation! I can't finish Clannad. I want to watch the english dubbed version but I just can't find it. :c Can you help?

I´ve watched it all german you but can try this websites x and x